Ocean Park Beach

We are a post-production and creative service facility established in 1991. We specialize in the production of radio, TV commercials and movie post.

We do foley and adr, produce original music, jingles and have a large selection of stock music and sound effects,

If your in a different location we can Skype™ or phone patch the recording session. Post-production for movies, TV movies, TV shows and short films are done in our two studio facility equipped with Avid Pro Tools | HD and monitored with powered Quested speakers.

Newman, akg, and Sennheiser, are just some of the mic brands in our mic storage.

We also have a radio studio for live broadcast.

And if your project stresses you out, we are a block away from the beach.


We offer the facilities, equipment, and professional guidance
to help you through your creative process.

  • TV and Radio commercial spots production

  • Post-production movies, short films, TV shows

  • Foley / ADR

  • Narration / VO voice over recording and editing

  • Voice Castings

  • Sound Tracks

  • Jingles

  • Castings Facility

  • Skype™, phone patch

  • Soundtrack for plays

  • BetaSP, Digital Beta, Mini DV Digital transfer

  •                   Source-Connect

  • We have partnered with Smart Post Sound in Burbank, California for ADR services using Source-Connect.


Contact us to reserve time in our studio and start working with the very best recording professionals in the biz.


Recording Conga rhythm



Post Production


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Meet our passionate team. These are highly skilled gremlins that we found at a Chinatown antique store.
Our original team member, Mogwai, loves chicken.


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